Each apparel brand can vary slightly in size and fit, so we’ve listed our suggestions by brand down below. We’ve also given you a calculator to help figure out what a “normal” breakdown of different sizes would be for any group of people.


If you are ordering shirts for a group of people and you want help estimating the mix of different sizes that you’ll need, an industry standard size breakdown for an average group of people in the USA is shown on the left in blue. Just enter the total number of Men and Women in your group (in the yellow boxes), and hit CALCULATE – your quantity per size will be shown in the table below, on the right in green.

For help estimating your Size Mix,
just fill in your total quantities needed here
Total Number of Adult Male shirts needed:
Total Number of Adult Female shirts needed:


SIZEAdult Male Standard MixAdult Female Standard MixAdult Male Size EstimatorAdult Female Size Estimator
X-Large (1XL)20%10%
4XL and higher1%1%
  • Most Unisex shirt styles are cut to match the Men’s sizing, so order more XS, S and M sizes to accommodate the number of Women in your group.
  • Children’s shirts vary greatly by age, so there’s no good blanket estimate for “Children” as an entire group. Please call or email us to talk about your order, if you need to estimate shirts for a group of Children.
  • Please Note: Shirts and Uniforms can vary by brand, please double check each brand’s Size Chart recommendations below.
  • Also Note: This is only an estimating guide, you are responsible for adjusting the quantities that you order to fit your group. If you’re not sure how to place your order, use the above size mix and order 80% of your total quantity now. Then come back after you hand out this first group of shirts, and place the remaining 20% of your order to fill in for sizes that you ran out of on your first order.


These Fit Guides allow you to see how you can expect a product to fit by brand, before you order it. Please refer to the brand charts below for sizes and their coordinating measurements. You should use these size charts as a general guideline, because you might want a tighter or looser fit. When in doubt or you fall in between sizes we suggest ordering a size up; because shirts that are too tight won’t be worn, but a slightly looser fit is still very comfortable and stylish!